Brand New Day: The Remixes

Sep 13, 2000
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit) lyrics
  2. Brand New Day (Cornelius Mix) lyrics
  3. After The Rain Has Fallen (Tin Tin Out Mix) lyrics
  4. A Thousand Years (Bill Laswell Mix) lyrics
  5. Brand New Day (Murlyn Mix) lyrics
  6. Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix) lyrics
  7. Perfect Love...Gone Wrong (Lisa M-Flo Mix) lyrics
  8. After The Rain Has Fallen (Tin Tin Out Mix Edit) lyrics
  9. Desert Rose (Filter Dub) lyrics
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Liner Notes

This is a Japanese only release bringing together a collection of some of the various remixes of 'Brand New Day' tracks.

Released in September 2000 to coincide with Sting's concerts in Japan, this Japanese only release brought together a collection of remixes of tracks from the Brand New Day album. There's something for everyone on this collection, from the radio friendly 'Desert Rose' which has three remixes included on the album; 'Brand New Day' which has two very different takes on the song from Cornelius and the Murlyn crew; 'After The Rain Has Fallen' which has two marginally different remixes by Tin Tin Out through to 'Perfect Love...Gone Wrong' which features a Japanese rap by Lisa from m-flo. Perhaps the standout track - ceratinly times in of duration - is an epic Bill Laswell mix of 'A Thousand Years', which clocks in at an amazing 12:26. Dave Hartley's orchestral, string heavy arrangement gives way to Kipper's noodlings and a Flugelhorn, and a different vocal by Sting in which at one point he acknowledges "All messages have been received". The strings and horn really do add to this already atmospheric track, and the track becomes bass heavy about a third of the way in. The track is also notable for the inclusion of eldest son Joe on backing vocals, and Karsh Kale's drums and tabla work.